• Besides our Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring, and Outdoor services. Finesse Tile also offers Shower Pan Liner installation, Heated Flooring System Installation, Mudwork, and Tub / Shower waterproofing.

  • Shower Pan Liner - If you are installing or remodeling a bathroom in your Knoxville home, let Finesse Tile not only do your stone or tile work but let us install / replace your shower pan liner to give your shower a completely new look!

    Heated Flooring Systems - Nothing is worse than getting up in morning to use the bathroom and walking on cold tile, or stepping onto the floor after a nice warm shower to be met with harsh coldness. Finesse Tile installs all types of heated flooring systems to make your beautiful tile floor comfortable as well!

    MudWork - Finesse Tile also provides Mudwork, call today for more information.

    Shower and Tub Waterproofing - Is your Tub or Shower leaking water? Whether it be from bad grout or an improperly sealed tub, let the professionals at Finesse Tile help you to waterproof your bathroom's tub or shower today!