• Kitchen Tiling is one of our specialties at Finesse Tile. Whether you are looking for a ceramic or mosaic to custom stone back-splash let us help you create something that will make your kitchen look luxurious. As a professional tile installation¬†company we can help transform or renovate any kitchen in Knoxville

  • Tile Floors - Tile Floors are a great choice for the kitchen. Not only are Tile Floors able to handle spills, lots of foot traffic, children and pets but it also doesn't absorb germs and bacteria that often spread throughout Kitchens. Tile is low maintenance, easy to sweep and mop. This makes is what makes tile a Kitchen favorite.¬†

    Not only are Tile Floors heavy duty and able to handle the messes of the Kitchen but they also come in many different shapes, styles, and patterns. With Finesse Tile we can even create a custom pattern that is unique to your Knoxville Home and your Kitchen to give it the personality and looks that you want. Tile flooring often comes in ceramic, stone, metal, and glass.

    BackSplashes - Backsplashes are a quick and effective way of re-decorating your kitchen. They help to add a touch of personal design and eloquence that is unique to every kitchen. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but backsplashes help to protect your wall from the various spills and splashes that are associated with the kitchen, cooking, and cleaning (there's nothing worse than splattered oil on your kitchen walls). 

    Backsplashes come in a wide array of different styles that you are able to personalize. At Finesse Tile we take the time to listen to our customers and give them the look they want for their kitchen. If you are thinking of updating your Kitchen Flooring or Kitchen BackSplash let us help you. Call us at 865-474-0253 for a Free In-Home Estimate.