• When it comes to Bathroom Tiling and Custom Stone work in Knoxville, there is no one better than Finesse Tile. Bathroom Tiling is our forte and specialty. Whether it be a new residential or commercial bathroom design or renovation, we do it allĀ 

  • Bathroom Floor Tiling - Bathrooms are the most common place for tile flooring in your home. Tile Floor is perfect for bathrooms because of it's heavy duty capability, along with it's low maintenance. When it comes to flooring there is no place in your home that gets more water on it.

    At Finesse Tile not only do we do all things related to bathroom tiling we even do demolition and removal of all pre-existing wall and floor coverings.

    Shower and Tub Tiling - Nothing makes your bathroom look more luxurious than a shower or tub that is surrounded by tile. Whether you are looking for a ceramic, granite, slate, or stone tile wall / enclosure for your bathroom Finesse Tile can help. If you have a project or an idea of what you want your walls to look like we can make your dreams become reality and give you a bathroom you cannot wait to show off.

    If you are in the market to have your bathroom renovated with tile and need an installer, turn to Knoxville's most trusted tile installation company. Call us today for a Free Estimate on your Knoxville Bathroom. 865-474-0253